About Us

Mann Roofing are highly experienced East Sussex-based residential roofing contractors, founded in 2003 by Richard Mann. We are a capable and friendly team that takes pride in consistently delivering exceptional standards of workmanship, for homeowners throughout the county and surrounding areas. 

From a simple repair to a complete new roof – incorporating flat roofs, pitch roofs, replacement roofs, new builds, or something a little more bespoke. 

From one tile to 60,000 tiles at a time, from a garage to a seven-bed mansion - we’ll do whatever it takes to provide every property we work on with the most practical, durable, attractive and cost effective roofing solution.

At Mann Roofing, we use a wide selection of tiling products together with the most watertight and durable roofing systems – all work and materials come with a guarantee ranging from 10-25 years. 

Based in Hailsham, our reputation has been nailed to the principle of delivering outstanding customer service - from the first point of contact to project completion. 

We’re delighted that much of our work has come as a result of personal recommendation – and we go the extra mile to live up to the trust and faith that our customers place in us.  We are also members of Checkatrade – if you’d like to check us out on there, too.   

If we were customers, this is what we would expect.

We recognise that the vast majority of Mann Roofing clients will know little or nothing about roofing. Don’t worry. Whilst we’ll be working mainly above your head – we won’t go over your head, blinding you with science, over-specifying on materials and putting you to any unnecessary expense. That type of approach is absolutely unacceptable, as far as we are concerned. 

You will receive nothing but a genuine and honest assessment of the most appropriate roofing solution for your property. We will keep you fully in the loop, always happy to answer any questions you may have, as work progresses.  

And whilst your property will, to some degree, resemble a building site, at the end of each day, we’ll do our best to ensure it doesn't stay looking like one.

If we were the customer, that’s exactly what we’d expect. 

We focus on roofing – we don’t masquerade as a jack-of-all-trades company. Where we do need to call in other trades, such as joiners or bricklayers – then we always team up with a trusted network of specialists in their field. 

So, if you have a roofing issue that’s suddenly surfaced, a job that’s needed fixing for some time, or you want to start a brand new project - we’d be delighted to hear from you. We’ll discuss the best option for you, explain our recommendations and provide you with a quotation - so that you can make an informed decision.  

We look forward to getting started on your behalf.